Jon (jkow) wrote,

Music + Ellis'nYard

I'm practicing piano. Don't worry.. I'm just doing that to distract myself from otherwise having to do more important things.. writing my thesis and such. ;) No in fact I'm also doing that because Ellis'nYard will be on stage saturday! Yes, and I need to practice. Anyways, that's not what I wanted to tell. Playing the piano I come to think, that's fun actually.. should do that more often. :-D

*poke* Stefan.. i know. You've been saying that for years. Yeah I know... yes, you're right! I'll try.

My left forarm hurts. What's the English word for "Sehnenscheidentzündung" – Tenosynovitis?

Oh, and here's your concert info:
  • date: 20.10.2007
  • time: 21:00h
  • place: Dilemma Club, Reuterstr. 23, Neukölln

Hope to see you there. Drop me a line if you plan to come, I'm curious who'll be there. :)

If you miss saturday, you got another chance seeing Ellis'nYard on Nov, 3rd. We'll be playing in Werdau, southern Saxony. Quite a trip from Berlin, but if you happen to be in Leipzig that weekend you may join a few friends of mine on a ride. :)
Tags: concert, ellis'nyard, music
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