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November 14th, 2010

Bangkok [Nov. 14th, 2010|05:26 pm]
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I'm in Bangkok, again. Janine is gone, having a massage and I'm sitting at the internet cafe, relaxing and wasting time. ;-)

We arrived today from Berlin and will be staying two days in Bangkok and then continue our trip to Cambodia. Bangkok did not really change since we'd been here last year, only things got a little more expansive as the Euro lost some value. Thanks to Greece, Ireland and Portugal for that!

Anyways, we spent the day getting used to the hot weather on some markets and the streets of Bangkok. Things are really different over here, size-wise. Coming from the western world you'd think you know all about consume-driven societies... you don't.

I wanted to add some pictures from the markets but somehow my file upload doesn't work here.. so that will be postponed.


Got two pictures uploaded, now. Glad I kept my server running. :-)

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